SomaDetect is an agro-tech startup working on problems of animal wellness in the dairy industry.

Our Mission

SomaDetect’s mission is to help dairy farmers to get the highest quality milk possible by providing information of herd health and milk quality, where and when they need it most. 

SomaDetect has a range of social and environmental impacts, with economic benefits for multiple stakeholders in the dairy foods system. As an overall indicator of cow health, the somatic cell counts can be used to verify the health of cows before they enter the herd, for lactating cows in case the producer suspects an infection, and for long-term measurement of herd health and milk quality via trend analysis. SomaDetect also helps farmers to respond rapidly to illness within their herds, and to better-target their use of antibiotics. Farmers who have used an early prototype of SomaDetect have told us that it helped them to catch disease early, before it had progressed to the point where it was visible to the human eye, and they were able to use less antibiotics during treatment. This saved them thousands of dollars for each incident of mastitis.

SomaDetect also provides substantial economic benefits to dairy farmers. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (2008) estimates that 17% of cows used for their milk suffer from mastitis at any given time, and that this disease is one of the leading causes of death in adult cows in the dairy industry. Overall, mastitis costs the dairy industry more than $1.5 billion annually. SomaDetect helps dairy farmers to diagnose early, treat efficiently, and significantly reduce the costs of mastitis within their herds.

Every dairy farmer has problems with mastitis.
— Dairy Farmer, New Brunswick

What We've Achieved

SomaDetect Inc. has been in existence since July 2016. We are geared-up and excited to be working on Atlantic Canada's next big agro-tech startup.

  • We have spoken to more than 25 dairy farmers and dairy industry experts throughout Atlantic Canada; this has helped us to better-understand how mastitis plays out on farms, and the value that SomaDetect brings for individual farmers
  • We are now offering an early version of our technology to dairy farmers through a pilot program.