SomaDetect measures milk quality and herd health, enabling dairy farmers to produce the best milk possible. 


SomaDetect allows dairy farmers to measure major indicators of milk quality and herd health, directly in the milking line. The measurements are automatic (no added chores) and do not require any chemicals, cartridges, or lost milk. By taking measurements from individual cows, or in the milking line, SomaDetect stops low-quality or contaminated milk from ever being added to the bulk tank. This provides significant benefits to the bottom line, means that sick cows are treated early and efficiently, and keeps the milk processor happy.


Better data for farmers. Better milk for consumers. Better lives for cows.

This is the future of dairy.


About SomaDetect

SomaDetect provides real-time, automated analysis of milk quality. The in-line sensor technology fits into the milking line of existing dairy equipment, making it technologically accessible and cost-effective for dairy producers. SomaDetect uses machine-learning and artificial intelligence to create cutting-edge algorithms that pull the most information possible from the sensor technology. The software then delivers meaningful reports and provides management options to farmers. Over time, SomaDetect data can be used to better-track farming practices, manage mastitis, reduce unnecessary antibiotic usage, and virtually eliminate the addition of low-quality, low-fat milk into bulk storage tanks.


How does this compare to existing technologies?

Existing methods for determining somatic cell counts in the dairy industry are either expensive and must be done in a lab, rely on the use of dangerous chemicals, or are highly inaccurate. SomaDetect does not require the use of any chemicals, meaning that the milk that is used to take measurements is unaltered, and can be returned to the milking line after measurement. This reduces the operational costs of the technology and eliminates the use of biohazardous chemicals inside of dairy barns. The use of optical technology also means that it can be automated and that it’s easy to convert the optical signal into a digital signal that can be read by a computer.