SomaDetect allows dairy farmers to measure somatic cell count and fat content, two of the main indicators of milk quality and herd health, directly in the barn. By taking measurements from individual cows, or in the milking line, SomaDetect stops low-quality, contaminated milk from being added to the bulk tank.

How does it work?

Our patented technology allows us to analyze milk automatically during the milking process by reading the distinct pattern of light from a laser signal travelling through a sample. The information is analyzed digitally and sent to servers online where it is processed into easy-to-understand reports that are then sent to farmers via e-mail or cell phone. This allows farmers to improve herd management and milk quality by automatically tracking trends in somatic cell counts and fat content. It also provides farmers with the ability to spot mastitis faster, enabling targeted treatment and preventing contamination of the bulk tank.  

Early results have shown that SomaDetect allows farmers to spot mastitis early and drastically reduce production loss and down time. Our patent (US9389175) was granted in July 2016 and can be found here.