Are you a dairy farmer who would be willing to give us your opinion about a new invention?

We are trying to collect information from Dairy farmers about mastitis, somatic cell counts, and fat measurements on farms. We are seeking to understand how the SomaDetect invention could most help farmers.

Please note that this information will remain confidential and is only to be used to help us create our business and be able to build a product that provides dairy farmers like you with information you need, in a format that's useful on your farm and helps save you money (and cows and more). 

More information can be found at and please feel free to call (418-570-2197) or e-mail ( if you have any questions or would like to chat.

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Mastitis & somatic cell counts on your farm
How do you do somatic cell counts on your farm?
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What could SomaDetect do for you?
SomaDetect allows dairy farmers to measure somatic cell count and fat content, two of the main indicators of milk quality and herd health, directly in the barn. By taking measurements from individual cows, directly within the milking line, SomaDetect prevents low-quality (high SCC, or low fat) milk from being added to the bulk tank.
How often would you like to have measurements of somatic cells from individual cows?
How often would you like to have measurements of fat content from individual cows?
SomaDetect can be integrated with existing milking equipment, and does not require changing out the full milking system.
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