SomaDetect is an in-line sensor that measures every critical indicator of dairy quality (fat, protein, somatic cell counts, progesterone, and antibiotics) from every cow at every milking. It uses no consumables (no chemicals, no cartridges, no lost milk), is extremely quick (think seconds, not minutes), and accurate.


A Hardware & Software Solution Designed for Farmers with Farmers

SomaDetect uses a revolutionary sensor technology combined with cutting-edge computer vision and machine learning techniques to maximize the information obtained from each drop of milk. SomaDetect’s patented technology uses light scattering to assess every major compound of interest from raw milk in real time. By measuring key dairy-quality variables from every cow at every milking, SomaDetect is helping dairy farmers to close the information gap, reduce the spread of disease, and optimize their farming activities.

SomaDetect has created something for dairy farmers that I can easily use without having to spend money on big, expensive equipment or pay to have each of my cows tested every month. With SomaDetect, I have more accurate information at a lower costs that provides feedback in real-time when critical decisions need to be made. Without question, when SomaDetect is on the market, I’ll buy it and show other producers the benefits of real-time information.
— Dairy Farmer, Canada


SomaDetect provides rapid, in-line measurements of every major compound in dairy, greatly improving milk quality and herd health.

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SomaDetect helps dairy farmers save thousands of dollars each year, and earn more.

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SomaDetect is changing the way dairy quality is measured, and putting critical data directly into the hands of farmers. Reach out to us today.

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