Optimized & Informed Dairy Production


Identify ketosis and acidosis: SomaDetect can identify major nutritional disorders, such as ketosis and acidosis, in seconds. This means that farmers can take immediate action to treat, change feeding protocols, and keep the herd operating at optimum productivity.

Identify clinical and sub-clinical mastitis: SomaDetect allows you to see trends, not data points from a single moment in time. This means that you can watch the immune response to infection, and make a clear decision about whether or not intervention is required. Stop the spread of disease from one animal to another.


Better bulk tank fat & SCC: Know when problems arise, and react in the earliest possible stages. Stop low-fat, high-SCC milk from ever making it into the bulk tank.


Optimize feed and see immediate response: Testing out new feed? Watch the effect on protein and butterfat, and make a clear decision about whether it helps or it hurts.

Never miss a cow in heat: Reproduction status of a cow can be detected via the milk. Inseminate at the ideal time and keep your cows milking as often as possible. Make every vial of sexed semen worth the price.


More information for healthier herd: Sharing your data and analytics with a vet means that they always know how things are going, and how they can most help.

Eliminate antimicrobial contamination: Detect the presence of antimicrobials and inhibitors before they hit the bulk tank. Stop accidents before they become costly and ensure milk can be used by processors to its full potential to make cheese and yogurt.

Use the right antibiotic at the right time: Make use of SomaDetect’s predictive analytics to know when to treat, what type of infection is present, and which treatment will yield the best results.


Impress the processor and the bookkeeper: Get the components bonus at every milking. Lead the pack for herd health and milk quality in your community.

Lower cull rate and higher production: Reduce serious disease, and help cows live longer, healthier lives. Keep best producing cows healthy and productive. Maximize the health of the herd for higher production from each animal.