SomaDetect's founders bring together world-class science, engineering, and design skills with more than 20 years of experience working in the entrepreneurial sector.


Bethany Deshpande is the CEO of SomaDetect. She is a highly motivated, big-picture thinker who has more than a decade of experience in science and entrepreneurship, and is always excited to tackle big problems in big ways. Bethany believes that hard work and kindness will always pay off. She insists on asking questions like a scientist, demanding for the precision of a surgeon, and taking risks like an artist. She believes that planning is everything, but understands that the plan is nothing. Bethany is most known for her work with youth at the SHAD summer program, her research in subarctic, permafrost environments, her singing abilities and her adoration of chocolate. Bethany was a Schmeelk Canada Fellow, has won the Leadership and Sustainability Scholarship at Université Laval, and the Student Services Award for Leadership Excellence at York University. Bethany completed a PhD in Biology at Université Laval throughout which she studied microbial activity in northern ecosystems, and gained experience using sensor technology in remote, extreme environments.


Bharath Sudarsan is the Lead Product Developer of SomaDetect. Bharath is a computer-vision and machine-learning expert who believes that deep-learning algorithms are the future of dairy, and indeed the world. Bharath grew up in a small farming community in India. He never stands down in the face of a challenge and knows that the world can be tough and cruel, but is committed to changing it for the better. Bharath believes in family, and in the goodness of cows and their milk. He is most known for his incredible cooking skills, for his careful attention to the finest of details, and for working hard regardless of the circumstances. Bharath was the leader of the McGill Agricultural Robotics Club, and has also developed several algorithms being used today in the food and agricultural industry. Bharath has been awarded the Graduate Excellence Award at McGill University and the Cambridge Business English Public Speaking Award for being one of the top public speakers in all of India. Bharath holds a Master’s Degree in Bioresource Engineering from McGill University.


Ryan Cobb is a Customer Success Specialist at SomaDetect. Ryan works in cooperation with the sales and product development teams to provide a holistic experiences to customers using the sensor technology. Ryan grew up in a small town within New Brunswick, and gained perspective on entrepreneurship watching his family run the local funeral parlour. Ryan is an individual who understands the importance of living in the present, and showing up ready to take his place in the world. He believes in the power of entrepreneurship to promote change, to tell a new story, and is always proactive when faced with a problem. Ryan is a Venture for Canada Fellow and holds a Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Leadership from the University of New Brunswick.


Nicholas Clermont is the COO of SomaDetect. Nicholas is a human-centred-designer and is passionate about working together with dairy farmers and product developers to create a product that works. Born and raised in Quebec City, Nicholas spent nearly a decade teaching product design to engineering students at Université Laval. Nicholas understands that things don’t happen overnight, that creativity is iterative, and that teamwork can result in the most incredibly of solutions. Nic is most known for always asking tough questions, for demanding the best from people, and for changing lives. He has mentored hundreds of high-school students throughout his time as Director of the SHAD entrepreneurship program. Nicholas is the recipient of the Student Gold Medal Award from Engineers Canada, and has been recognized as a Star Professor for his teaching excellence. Nicholas has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from Université Laval.


Bryan Wattie is the Sales and Technical Engineering Lead at SomaDetect. Bryan knows that speaking with farmers and listening to their feedback is essential to business. Bryan grew up in the potato-farming community of New Brunswick and knows first-hand the work that it takes to feed our families. Bryan has worked as an environmental remediation specialist, and is passionate about building a sustainable food future. Bryan has received the Special Price for the Environment of the Quebec Engineering Competition. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Bioresource Engineering from McGill University.


Weidan Ni has the role of Business Analyst at SomaDetect. Originally from China, Weidan has more than two decades of experience in a global financial institution. Weidan provides balance on the team and is not to be underestimated. She is used to working quickly and effectively, as well as leading lots of people. She understands business, and how challenging it can be to take on new business activities in new countries and new cultures. Nevertheless, Weidan does not let language or cultural barriers get in the way of speaking up and is a leader when it comes to understanding the right way and the right time to take action. Weidan is excited to be working in the dairy industry. She understands the global potential of SomaDetect and hopes to one day build the bridge to Chinese markets and beyond. Weidan holds a post-graduate diploma of business analysis from New Brunswick Community College.


Advisory Board

SomaDetect would not be where it is today without the support and expertise of dozens of dairy farmers, dairy consultants, and industry leaders. The company is extremely thankful of all of the support it receives on a daily basis. In addition to this exceptional information support, SomaDetect is supported a formalized advisory board of experts who share our passion for entrepreneurship, innovation, and dairy.

  • DAVE WADDY - New Brunswick dairy farmer with expertise in Physics (Optics)
  • DAVID WALKER - Executive Director, Milk2020
  • SATISH DESHPANDE - Inventor, SpectraDigital Corporation
  • CHRIS MATHIS - President & CEO, Springboard Atlantic Inc.
  • DON ANDERSON - Consultant, Quality Milk Management


SomaDetect is supported by several entrepreneurial support organisations, and businesses.